Do you have a special occasion coming up? There are many kinds of ceremonies to mark special times in our lives.


Here are a few options, but the list is endless. I can help you to create a perfect handmade ceremony for every occasion. 


Congratulations … making a public commitment is a time to celebrate.


For some couples a commitment ceremony is chosen as a way to express love for each other. 

Whatever your situation, we can work together to create a ceremony that you will love.


If you want a stress-free, affordable yet stylish wedding, an elopement might be just what you want. Or perhaps a small wedding will fit the bill. Either way I will work with you to tailor your ceremony to suit.


If it means keeping a secret, I am good at that too. What fun!!


A vow renewal is a wonderful way to celebrate your wedding vows. Let me help you plan your special ceremony to reaffirm your commitment to each other in a meaningful way. Why not renew your vows with family and friends to celebrate an anniversary and acknowledge each other publicly.


Or you might want to redefine your commitment to one another and have a party.


Surprise it’s a wedding … It's true!

A surprise wedding can be a great way to celebrate without stress but with a massive wham factor. What a fun way to start a marriage and what a way to have a party to celebrate.


I can keep a secret, can you?


A naming ceremony to celebrate the arrival of your precious baby is a gorgeous way to share the miracle of birth surrounded by the love of your family and friends. During the ceremony, which often occurs around the time of the first birthday, your child is welcomed into the world. Life guardians might be nominated and special promises made.

Rituals of love, such as the light of candles, the release of balloons, fairy dust blessings and sand ceremonies, may be included.


Many people are not aware that family members can choose the celebrant who will conduct the funeral or memorial service for their loved one. Each life lived has a story to tell and by sharing memories from family and friends, the pain of grief can be eased as joyous moments within that life are retold.

My aim is to ease your grief and to work with you through the struggle of loss to create a beautiful ceremony that touches on the details of the life lived and the impact of that person throughout their life on family and friends.


Contact me to chat about what you have in mind.


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