About me - Dr Pam Green

Tell me all about yourself, your wishes and your special event so that we can work together to create moments in time that will forever remain in your treasure trove of cherished memories.

I can't wait to hear about it all.

My background as a professor in education means that I am well positioned to act as your celebrant. I love writing in many forms. As a published author with extensive publications, I am able to write personalised ceremonies, poems and the like just for you.

​I am a highly experienced public speaker

having given hundreds of presentations

both in Australia and overseas.

I am very comfortable with the complexities of running a ceremony and liaising with all involved. Years of public speaking hold me in good stead when the unexpected occurs (as it does at times) and I can calmly adjust to ensure that the smooth flow of the ceremony continues. 

Intuitively I will adapt to your needs and wishes

as I do tend to read people well but will check with you as we go.

I am passionate about planning and conducting ceremonies of many kinds in various locations that are almost anywhere. Whether the ceremony is formal or very casual or somewhere in between, I am adaptable and flexible. If you are having a themed celebration I would love to join in the fun.



Contact me to chat about what you have in mind.

Qualifications and Training

PhD, MEd, BA, DipTeach

Registered Marriage Celebrant

Registered Mediator

Funeral Celebrant Training


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